California Textile Group is manufacturing everyday face coverings and offering their face masks in bulk.  This allows affordable pricing during this pandemic.

The face coverings are not intended for medical use but is recommended for general public use.  We offer single ply, double ply and even 3 layers of fabric for our face masks.  We have over  10 designs that we currently offer but also provide the flexibility to making face masks based on the customer's designs.  Our fabric are made in USA and the face coverings are also made in USA.   By buying from California Textile Group, your business will help small businesses to thrive during this economic hardship.  Yarn supplier, Knitters, Dyehouses, Sewing contractors are all based in Los Angeles and together, we want to do our share to keep everyone safe.

Our face masks are all reusable and washable.  They are meant to be continuously used when in public.  Our fabric for the face masks are made of 100% combed cotton or  combed cotton spandex for soft and gentle feel on the face .   Our design varies from no sew masks, to mask with and without filter pockets.  We  have fabric in stock in black and white but we can also do custom colors based on your needs.   Our turnaround is at least 5 days for black and white.  For custom colors, we need extra days to dye it but can deliver ex LA warehouse in 2 weeks.

Our advantage is that we have greige goods in stock for immediate dyeing and additional knitting machines are on standby for additional quantities.  

We offer face masks with wicking, antimicrobial and water resistant finish should you want additional protection.  If you want custom printing, we can also offer logo printing or if you want to use made in USA copyrighted patterns, we have a library of patterns we can offer based on 1000 yds minimum per pattern.

Check out our website for face coverings and pricing information at  https://lamademask.com/ .  Minimum order is 100 pieces.