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From post consumer wastes, this recycled cotton poly blend is made from garments and repurposed to be yarn for future fabric consumption.  The process employed to make garments into new useable yarn is the yarn for the future.  By reusing garments and spinning them to new yarn, you are conserving resources and finding useful ways to be good to the planet.  Because its from post consumer wastes, the fabric has a vintage look and feel when dyed.  It can be garment dyed or piece dyed to create wonderful knit fabrics for everday and not so every day use.  The possibilities are endless and application is broad. Easy to use on circular knitting machines and dyeable.

If you will compare this yarn to regular 70/30 cotton poly, the hand feel and look is not the same.  Knowing the yarn is recycled, you can feel good that you are using a more thoughtful yarn with a much bigger purpose.

Explore our 70/30 Recycled Cotton Poly line and sample from us from 7 different fabrics.