USA fabric developers
Quality you can trust, made in USA knits earn this distinction that clothing manufacturer can proudly label their garment. We can knit, dye, launder and print in USA for faster turnaround time and for unsurpassed quality. Our fabrics pass testing protocols of retailers like Macys, Target, Walmart and more. We inspect all fabrics from our Los Angeles warehouse.

For fast turnaround, we knit in Los Angeles using top of the line circular knitting machines. We can do fabric development. Depending on volume of orders, knitting plants operate from 5 to 7 days a week to meet the delivery demands of the customers. The machines are maintained regularly and needles changed to make sure no knitting line on the fabric. All workers work in a safe and fair working environment and we adhere to the minimum social criteria and employment practices.
California Textile Group works with the best dye houses and laundry facility in LA, as well as overseas for finishing of our fabrics. The state-of-the art dyeing facilities uses the latest technology. Our dye house offers heatset, reactive dyeing, compaction, fleecing, sueding. And our laundry facility can do steaming, framing, cure and gum. We prepare textiles for garment dyers. We provide our customers with fabric that pass stringent testing standards of retailers like Macys, Target, JCPenney, Coldwater Creek and more.
We use only the best yarns in the industry for our customers. We use 100% Korean combed cotton from USA cotton that are contamination free. Our organic yarns are GOTS certified and we back our orders with certificate. Looking for recycled polyester or Ecolife ® yarns, we can knit your orders with ecological yarns. Depending on price, we can use branded Lycra® or spandex for orders. Whatever content, whether it be Tencel ® , Modal®, bamboo, hemp - we can supply you the fabric you need. We also provide customers with CBI yarn, for 100% made in USA products.