California Textile Group is backed by over 30 years experience in Los Angeles.  Started as a textile converter, as demand grew, became a fabric importer in the early 2000’s. Our employees have more than 20 years experience in textile production. We are an order based fabric company that helps customer source, create, produce textiles.  It is the sustainable way of doing business since we produce only what customer needs and minimize waste. We are part of customer’s buying experience, from sampling, to strike offs, to production. Our customer service goes beyond the sale and we back our fabrics. 



Our operations is worldwide. We offer drop shipment to China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Italy , Dominican Republic or any place in the world. We can do domestic textile production or imports. We have a China office with staff that facilitates and inspects before goods are shipped.  We import from reputable Korean mills who offer best pricing and quality.  We use a reliable forwarder who handles triangle shipment from mill to garment factory. If needed, we use third party inspection company to inspect the goods. Depending on customer’s delivery, we can ship via boat or air from overseas to any port in the world.